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Mikkel Severin is best known for his one-man show "Mind Control" held at the prestigious Bremen Theatre in downtown Copenhagen, his incredible performances on national TV and radio programmes as well as portraits in national newspapers descriebing his techniques. The demand for his techniques have resulted in several collaborations to promote his skills to the corporate sector.

Latest Mikkel Severin has authored the ground breaking book "Deception Detection Training Manual (2014)" targeted the corporate sector revealing information as to how lies and deceit can be detected in negotions, meetings and any client interaction.  Mikkel Severin holds a Bsc. in Economics, a Bsc. in Law and an Msc. in Law - all obtained from Copenhagen University. Besides that he is a hypnotist with focus on phobias and minimizing pain.


Mikkel Severin is Denmarks leading performer and lecturer on Mind Control. Apparently, he can predict, read, control and manage other peoples thoughts solely by his knowledge of body language, eye movements, psycological techniques, the context of the situation and his talents.

With his background and experience in body language, micro expression, memory techniques, hypnosis, statement analysis, psychology and NLP Mikkel Severin offers his unique Corporate Talk, where people really start wondering how much information other people actually give you, if you know what to look forMikkel Severin also uses his background to advise business and hold his unique course Deception Detection Training where participants learn specific tools to detect whether they are being told the truth.


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