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Be prepared for a style that is energetic, professional, humorous and extremely entertaining. Be prepared to be left deeply intrigued, fascinated and amazed. It is a powerful and provocative form of entertainment, which will not be imitated in a long time.

Mikkel Severin's show is designed and build around concepts and principles that are shared only by a handful of people worldwide. So far, this has taken him to New York, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam and Sydney. It is a combination of psychological techniques, suggestions, magic and showmanship that apparently enables him to read, predict and control human thought and action.


Mikkel Severin offers his unique 45 min. show for corporate and private events (up to 800+ spectators), filled with energy, sharp humor and audience participation. The show is also ideal for events spanning 50-100 people. It is a show that gets the audience to laugh, gape and gasp. It is the perfect, sophisticated show to ensure that your guests will remember you and your event in a long time.

In the classic Mind Games Mikkel asks participants to concentrate on a topic they would like to share: special memories, PINs, peoples names etc. Mikkel will focus along with them and tell the person their thoughts, how they think and why their thoughts are as they are.

In his Mind Control demonstrations he predicts people's choices and actions, explains the subjects' underlying considerations and reveals when people are bluffing or telling the truth. In addition, a number of other fascinating and engaging Mind Games & Mind Control demonstrations will be shown. The show starts - of course - with a Mind Game involving the entire audience.



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